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  1. I have only fired my kiln once- a Paragon SnF-24-3 (second owner). I wanted to fire that firing at a cone 6 but the ceramic supply place I went to only had ^5 sitter cones and ^4 shelf cones. So I went with those. The firing went well. Now I am doing a glaze firing and I'm afraid I have messed everything up. I started a firing just like the last one (same cones) but I have ^06 low fire glazes in there and now I'm not sure what to do. It has been going for almost 3.5 hours (the cone ^5 firing took about 6 hours and 15 minutes). I don't know if I should just stop the firing and get the right cones and do it again or if the glaze has already run all over my shelves. I know this was a really avoidable, foolish mistake. I really should have known better but nevertheless, here I am. Any advice?
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