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  1. Wow! I’m so appreciative of your help! Thank you very much.. any other advice you can offer would be very welcomed. Thank you you so much Megan
  2. Hi! Thanks! I’m a little stumped because I’m confused as to how I should go about firing them.. I wonder if I need a structure to use to keep it perfectly circular while in the kiln. For instance, do I need to use rods, or some kind of structure, etc..
  3. Okay, thanks! That is very helpful! is there any additional advice you can offer for firing circular structures similar to these?
  4. Hello! New to the ceramic world and I am very interested in delving into Porcelain (cone 6) clay. I'm interested in designing very contemporary and minimal jewelry, however I understand that porcelain shrinks significantly during the firing process. My question is: how would I go about firing Specifically rings? are there certain metal rods that I could use in the kiln, similar to a bead rack that can keep the ring smooth and even during the process and POSSIBLY true to the size once finished? I've seen many of these beautiful rings online and I'm very unsure how to fire them. Also, is
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