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  1. You call it grog, right? Grog is some kind of glühwein to me
  2. @glazenerd Thx anyway! What does it me mean about sulfur? @Callie Beller Diesel Yeap, stearine is sometimes added to paraffin candles in this part of the world too. Which convinces me even more concerning the use of vaseline and paraffin. Looks like something waxy (so it doesn't move while cool) + something greasy (so it sticks to itself) + some fine filler (clay, talc, chalk whatever) = oil clay aka plasticine I'll try and write back sometime soon!
  3. I'm from Russia, Moscow So ordering anything in pottery volumes from Amazon or Lagunaclay is hard hehe. But i'll source something local instead. Looks like paraffine consists of microcrystalline wax and some other wax. Yeah, i'm a bit worried about skin contact with industrial oils and lubricants too. Maybe i'll try the recipe with vaseline and paraffine first.
  4. Thank you! Yeah, mixing hot is a good tip. Really looking forward to your friend's answer – advice from someone who tried it is highly appreciated. --- I've ran into this (haven't tried it yet though): 20 lbs. microcrystalline wax 1¼ gal. #10 weight oil 7 lbs. plain automotive grease 50 lbs. gritless dry clay powder (Such as Kentucky ball clay, or Gordon clay) Melt wax, oil, and grease together in an electric frying kettle; stir clay in slowly once melted. Pour into shallow microwave-safe plastic containers, or into a wet plaster mold. from
  5. Hello! Could anybody recommend or point me to the recipe of basic oil based clay? Please! I know that's a weird question with a lot of "why would you do that". I'm currently using plasticine – oil based clay for my master models, and then make slipcasting forms out of them. I use hardest type of it, available at the art/hobby shops. It is usually grey or terracota-red, but this doesn't matter, just to understand what am talking about. My current guess is to use dried earthenware or stoneware powder, add some wax or parafinn and some oil (like cooking oil, or motor oil
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