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  1. Dresden is a hot favourite .This ewer in white is marked Dresden. And the blue blurred mark and other blue blurred marks seem to confirm it Thanks to all
  2. Certainly marbled clay - obvious on base. Attribution sought. Unable to find another remotely similar - tiny blue mark and man scratched number and letters Cant be a test - finely detailed applied figures and was gilded
  3. Many thanks - hadnt thought of marbled clay - good thinking . The applied figures are so fragile its a miracle they survived Best wishes
  4. see attached = any ideas gratefully received
  5. Will try London V and A have too much rubbish sent to them Thanks
  6. The mark is indescifrable = I will try the V and A I have scoured the internet without finding anything close the form is like Amphora - Austrian art nouveau . I would love a confident attribution Thanks
  7. Hi Think you are right - the base is not wholly covered but has only random streaks of body colour as if it was a trial . I will a pic when I can
  8. Unfortunately I am 92 without transport - working the photo problem
  9. ca n i send photo direct to you The photos are on my phone and I dont know how to share without address
  10. Thanks thats kind. I have done some amateur potting so I understand - So when as here there is just streaks colour on the unglazed base but no sign of kiln cones what can be the reason. BTW the delicate figures applied to the body are glazed but uncoloured. I having problems sending pictures
  11. I have an obvious Art Nouveau ? Austrian ceramic pot the body glazed after underglaze the base however has the underglaze colour but remains unglazed.The body has applied uncoloured figures Why should his the base have been painted but never glazed
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