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  1. Both are mine, second one is a rendering. Yeah, it is a first test to see if it works. The design is mine. I want to clean up the edges more for the next version. I already redesigned the model, but I have to make a mold out of it. Good idea to have a video. I get that question a lot, so that will clear it up. It is quite easy to use actually. I will work on a video. Thanks for the subscription!
  2. I posted some questions a few months ago asking about tips about slib casting. People were very helpful and thanks to this forum I created my first pieces, thank you for introducing me to this world! I still have a lot to learn and improve, but I am happy how they came out. I have contact now with a professional ceramist to see if I can take this to a next level. I also created a page (http://urchinceramics.com/) to see if there is interest for a small production run. If you have any cool tips on how I can promote this ceramic piece, let me know
  3. Do they use a sort of template for cutting? Or do they just do it by eye?
  4. Are these made with slip casting? How do they make holes like that?
  5. Just made the model and cottle boards. I had some questions regarding the next steps. 1. I used a 3D print combined with clay. If I want to make a mold I need to hover so I make the first half of the mold like this: Can I use a release agent so the clay won't stick to the hardend clay? 2. Can I use dish washer soap with water as a release agent for question 1? 3. Do I need to wait for the clay to cure (before I pour the plaster)? 4. He uses a wooden board for a divider. Can I just use the clay and flatten it? 5. Can I use dish washer soap with water as a
  6. Thanks for the tip! I also found this link when I reached out to the owner of webshop. I thought I post it here if someone Google this page in the future: https://www.keramikos.nl/vormmaterialen/961-gips-vigo-albast-25-kg.html?search_query=vigo&results=2
  7. Thanks, you just saved me for ordering it! I am trying to find it in The Netherlands, but I have a hard time finding it. I will try to email some shops. If there are fellow Dutch people reading this, please let me know if you have a link/keyword
  8. Thanks for the reading tip! I will see if I can find it in my country. https://krone-gips.de/en/content/products/creative/for-creatives/moulding-plaster.html http://ceramicbodies.sibelco.eu/sites/default/files/datasheets/en/K150_en.pdf Can somebody verify that these are compatible for slib casting? Especially the plaster for the mould. (I would like to check if I made any translation errors from the English tutorials I looked up.)
  9. YES! Thanks! I feel so stupid now. I don't not understand the last sentence, could you elaborate?
  10. Thanks Johnny! Here is a better picture of what I want to create. Is there a better way to make this? First I wanted to add the entry to the bottom and manually remove the top of the bowl to open it up, but then I would have a hole at the bottom.
  11. Hi! I have some questions about slip casting I could not easily find. There seems to be a lot of knowledge here, so I thought maybe someone could help my out with my first attempt in the world of ceramics 1. Is there a minimum draft angle for slip casting? I thought I could easily find this on Google, but I found nothing specific? Does it means that there is none? 2. is it important that the entry where you pour it in is the highest point with slip casting? Very crappy sketch, but something like this: Does that curl form a problem when you want to cast it?
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