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  1. Hello! For about a month Ive been having some type of allergic reaction on my skin, itchy bumps on hands and my body is itchy all over! I couldn't seem to figure it out but now I think its mold in my clay. This started happening when I started using porcelain (I read porcelain can grow certain types of mold), but there is also mold from my other stoneware clay bodies. After I throw I put all my slip, extra clay water, and clay bits into a bucket. This bucket usually sits for a while, sometimes weeks or months until It dries enough to put it on my plaster bat to reclaim it, in the summer this is much quicker but now its winter and my basement is cold and it dries much slower. When I'm reclaiming my clay it usually stinks a bit and sometimes there is dark or black soot or probably mold in the bottom of my reclaim bucket. I usually just throw it all on the plaster bat and wedge it up after its drier. The clay is most usually a darker color than it was when it was fresh because of this mold. This usually wouldn't bother me and has no affect on the usability of the clay, but after more than a month of moderate allergic skin reactions Im scared to touch and reclaim my clay knowing it has mold in it. Im not sure what to do, I have buckets of clay slop that need to be reclaimed and it would be such a waste if I threw it all out. Ive heard of using bleach or vinegar to kill the mold so does anyone know how much vinegar or bleach to pour into my slop buckets to kill the mold? My bagged fresh clay from the store is fine and mold free, just when I leave it to be reclaimed is when the mold grows. Please let me know if anyone has some remedies or been through something like this! Also, I have my slop buckets sitting out in my basement studio, could mold be in the air or getting into my lungs? I Wouldn't want something severe to happen. Probably not too many doctors on here but if anyone knows anything about the mold that grows on clay let me know :) thank YOU!
  2. I’d love to be able to fire to cone 8, not sure how much use this kiln has had all ready. As far as longevity I’m just starting out and learning about kilns so even if I had something that’ll only last me a couple years I’d be happy with that. I’ll be sure to ask and check the things you mentioned. Still figuring out what would be best for me. Thank you!
  3. Hello I’m new here! I may be buying a used electric skutt kiln. Model 231 max cone 8. As far as a visual inspection what should I look for before buying? Specific problem areas or things I should know that would be a deal breaker ? Also any links to get more familiar with kilns ? Thank you :)
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