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  1. A little bit of an update for you, I tested a quick 3 phase program last night, and it worked. I was still unable to see any data/info when reviewing the schedule that I had inputted. I am going to test the full 10 phase schedule and see if it works. @chilly 10 phases is pretty typical when fusing and slumping together. I don’t use Bullseye glass, so my schedule may look slightly different from yours. I have a book that taught me a lot about creating schedules called Firing Schedules for Glass The Kiln Companion. There is so much good information in it; you should check it out if
  2. @neilestrick it says F when entering the temp, but is there somewhere else that I need to check to make sure it’s set for Fahrenheit?
  3. @neilestrickthat’s how I learned how to write schedules years ago and have never changed it. When I plug it in, the 190 goes in the ramp and the 480 goes into temp. @Arnold Howard the preview screen will only show the saved info for the first two phases and then 0s for the following phases.
  4. As far as I can tell, it will fire the first two phases fine. I haven’t actually let it fire through the entire schedule. I can try that and get back to you. Here is the schedule I’m trying to program:
  5. Hello. I have a a very gently used Paragon TNF823 with a Sentry 2.0 digital processor. It had been used for only a handful of firings when I bought it from an estate sale. Up until recently I had only used it for clay firings by using the automated cone firings (no issues there). I decided to see how it did with a simple glass fusing schedule, but the kiln will not save the complete schedule. It will save the first 2 phases, but anything after that (ramp and hold) wont save. I have never encountered anything like this. Any ideas besides buying a brand new processor?
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