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  1. @Roberta12 thank you for the answer! Google didn't gave me anything on what I was looking for (as mentioned above, I'm looking for the prices of the plates in stock condition). However, I'll try searching them on amazon. Thanks a lot!
  2. @hitchmss of course I did. But it doesn't mention anything about their contact info or products. Only their story in summary. I'm specifically looking for the prices of the collection plates (non used ones, stock products) as illustrated in the photo attached.
  3. Hello, I became a member today, because I'm looking for some info. A couple days ago, I bought some second-hand plates under the brand "Faria & Bento". After a thorough search on Google, I just gathered the following info: The plates are handcrafted and made in a small historical village in Portugal. There are no contact info with the ceramics workshop, so I can't retrieve anything further regarding the plates. Also, the search results are pointing to auctions or eBay sellers. I would be grateful if anyone could give me more info on the brand, the historical background of it, eve
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