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  1. "Since switching to all advancers I do not force cool at all-just not worth ´╗┐it" This is now me. Better for the pots and kiln too.....
  2. Thanks!! Sometimes I do like to crack at about 300....so your info was very helpful.
  3. Wow, I order at least a ton a year for the last few years from Highwater. Never got anything but clay. Just got a pug mill and oops it chewed up my wooden rib. Time to be more careful!! Yes, I will screen my slop from now on and in any shared space with a pug mill everyone would need to push scrap through a screen. I used to run the pug mill for an Art Center, but had forgotten this.
  4. I just bit the bullet and bought some Advancer shelves. I fire a 7ct L &L in an outside shed. Its about 30 outside and I'm concerned about when I can open the kiln. I am in the Christmas crowd when it comes to opening. I try to fire early in the morning so it will fire all day when I'm around and then cool all night & I have no choice but to go to bed. Anyway Advancers are subject to cracking with uneven heating or cooling, but ALL of the references to this come from folks use large gas kilns, you know with dampers and such. Anyone here use Advancers in the electric and how do you ha
  5. It will be tight with posts and shelves, are you purchasing a vent system /w the kiln? This would help a bit. I believe its the electronic board that can't get too hot. I fire an L &L about the same size and in a small shed similar to what you describe except one wall is really a big door I can just open up. Even so I needed a small fan (angled slightly away from the kiln, but still hitting the panel to keep the panel at under 125.
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