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  1. Thanks again to all. Forget the Ivory soap- try the vinegar, wheel water, repugging, new clay (I like this!) I am very grateful for this forum!
  2. Thank-you both for your quick replies! This was commercially prepared clay that has been repugged many times, but not in a de-airing pugmill. A potter friend in her 60th decade of clay making said that in the old days a bar of Ivory soap was slaked down in water and then added to the clay to quickly increase plasticity. What do you think? We will continue to wedge. I am just very spoiled by our de-airing pugmill at my other school!
  3. Taking over a college class for a friend and found that the clay body is very "short" . Does well with pinching and coiling but is cracking a lot with a slab roller. Any quick fix ideas? I can't age it for 3 months. Thanks!
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