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  1. I want to make a 2000 g batch of the G1215U glaze recipe from Digital fire, but I am confused. The amount of ingredients totals 98.50 and they have also included the percentage, which equals 100, of course So for example, the EPK amount is of 14.0 and the percentage of 14.2%. What should I follow for my batch? multiplying the amounts so I get to around 2000g, or using the percentage for my calculations?? Here is the recipe : EPK: amount 14.0, 14.2 % Silica: amount 26.0, 26.4 % Wollastonite : amount 14.5, 14.7 % F-4 Feldspar: amount 24.0, 24.4 % Ferro Frit 3249: amount 20.0, 20.3 % I certainly won't get the same glaze if I use the amount or the percentage as a base for calculation. Thanks in advance for your help with this beginner question. Read somewhere that using the % is a sure way to get a glaze recipe wrong.
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