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  1. This is a copy of the email I just sent to one of Ms Banhazi attorneys. In concern for all hobbyist in the USA.This frivolous lawsuit with claims to waterslide decal paper is affecting the whole community.Waterslide decal paper has been around much longer than Plaintiff Terrie Banhazl d/b/a Heirloom Ceramics.I have a question concerning this lawsuit. Are you planning on going after,Modelmaster/Revell scale models, AMT scale models, Lindberg scale model companies also? Which all use waterslide decals with their kits.The process of which waterslide decals have been used far predates Ms. Banhazi claims.This lawsuit is affecting the custom scale modeling community now that We can no longer get the proper waterslide paper.I also wonder if there will be a counter lawsuit for claims to the PROCESS in which waterslide decals are done by Ms. Banhazi. Never mind the ceramic end of it which in fact isn't anything new to the craft.People had been doing just what Ms Banhazi claims since the 70's. Thank you, Hobbyist of America..
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