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  1. Hi all, new to this forum. I have an older Skutt electric kiln (appx 30 years) that I used for clay then transitioned to glass. No problems, always works wonderfully with routine maintenance. I just had a huge problem. I'm teaching a couple 14 year olds fused glass, which has been exciting and fun for everyone. Last night they loaded one shelf of their creations to fire, but didn't just load the kiln shelf, they included the wooden lazy-susan turntable it was sitting on. Absolutely may fault for not triple checking. Of course there was a fire in the kiln. Caught it at 700 and immediately shut it down. Aside from the horrendous smell, everyone is fine. But, the inside of the kiln is black with soot. How can I clean it and make sure it is safe to fire again, or is this a job for a service person? I'm most concerned about the elements. Can I lightly sand and vacuum the brick? Then should I high fire empty to burn off any carbon residue (well ventilated)? Thanks for any advice!
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