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  1. I recently put new elements in my ancient Skutt 609. It has successfully fired loads to cone 6 twice-most recently on Monday. Tried to do another load Tuesday and the kiln barely got warm, even after three hours on high. No glow, the elements did "sing" when turned on but other than that no sign of real heat. Seems like new elements should still work well,could the issue be in the switch?
  2. While shopping online for a banding wheel, noted one said in the description that it was "grooved to allow mechanization". Where can I find out more about this? Sounds like a small wheel that would be good for small scale projects, especially if 'dry thrown'.
  3. What's the best method to make smooth, even usable coils for hand building? Mine seem to start with varied thicknesses, and by the time I get them evened out, the clay is dry and not flexible enough to bend cleanly.
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