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  1. Hulk - yep that looks like the pack. I need to dig out my kiln manual to check what temp its happy at. I programmed the kiln years ago when I got it and have not really looked at the instructions since. I can always contact the manufacturer i suppose. I've got a jen-ken kiln with optional bead door and Orton digital controller. I have entered a few different schedules and just press the corresponding number and off it goes. I don't think anyone in the UK sells these kilns and as far as I know when I had this one made it was the last one that would be sent from the US to UK due to br
  2. Hi all. I'm brand new to the forum - I usually work in glass but have been wanting to dabble with clay forever really. At Xmas my son bought me a 10kg slab of Gedeo oven bake, fine natural clay for a ceramic kiln 1050/1922°, a small set of assorted tools and a beautifully smooth cake turntable! Now I was only planning on a little dabble at making ceramic beads but I don't know where to start now that I have these items in front of me. I don't want to open the clay in case I waste it, and I suspect the turntable will be good for decorating only ( i think he had plans to fit up a motor!)
  3. Oops, just seen how old this topic is! My bad - please ignore me! Lol!
  4. Ok, brand new here so forgive me if I have no idea what I am talking about lol! I work in glass and have similar issues. I don't sell my seconds with my name on but I do give them away or sell them for a token amount. I also wear them myself and have sold beads straight off my neck even when faults have been pointed out in detail. There is little space to sign a glass bead anyway so initials are my only option really, that and a certificate of authenticity with a picture. I am happy to do that for a bead costing £10-£50+ but not for £1 or free! i have given away unsigned work - as long
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