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  1. thank you for everybody to such a good and colerfull information!
  2. My topic question was about how to make glaze which swells and became bigger in hight. If somebody knows about how to make it please help me. Thanks in advance!
  3. Who knows what kind of glaze is this(I mean how you call this type of glaze for tile) which devide glazes and don't let them mix together. If yo know such kind of technique please help to find answer.
  4. thankyouverymuch to all participants. i.m very happy) tobe participant. i think these advises will help me. thank you one more time )
  5. thank you very much liambesaw. i think i can find zirconium. and what about titan oxide is it can to do glaze (transparent) white?
  6. how to make white slip glaze(not matte) using zinc oxide. i red about but i couldnt do it. is it possible? if you have recipies please share. i know one type but to do this glaze i should have tin oxide but our country to find tin oxide very difficult.
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