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  1. JohnnyK, I was using the universal adaptor to plug the wheel in to NZ outlet. I have also contacted Shimpo with this issue and hoping for some reply.
  2. Thank you liambesaw, Bill Kielb and Mark C for your quick feedback. I had read on some forums that Shimpo machines have some kind of breaker for overload protection. But as you guys mentioned if the fuse is blown then I will check that first and do as you have suggested. Will keep you posted. Mark C, yes the summer at the moment is indeed hot as! Cheers
  3. Hi there lovely potters I am based in Auckland, New Zealand. I am in need of some HELP in getting my pottery wheel to work which I bought second hand from ebay. But before buying I didn't check that it is made for US electric requirement of 115v Excitingly I opened up the box and plugged in the wheel, and that's when I realised that it wrong voltage for NZ! I bought the step down transformer from 230 to 115v 500W and hooked up the wheel again, this time the green light on the side of the wheel was lit, but still the wheel was not going. I checked the troubleshooting manual on Shimpo website, it said that if the two LED lights on the circuit board are not lit then the board is faulty. I followed the steps and the LED lights were not lit. But I am still in doubt that if it's a faulty/damaged board or it's something to do with wrong voltage. the seller is absolutely sure that the wheel was perfectly fine when he shipped it. I should also mention that when I first plugged in the wheel without the transformer, there was a small spark on the power socket, But I guess that it may have been the loose adaptor and I hope that I haven't blown off the motor!! Are there any folks out there who have experienced similar situation or have better knowledge of these things? Much appreciate your time. cheers, Hitesh
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