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  1. Thank you so much Johnny, Rex and Gabby, that is beyond helpful. I was thinking of starting with plates for my wall and then moving on to replacing all our boring white plates in the cupboard with more colourful ones. I live in the UK but usually we have very similar brands to the US so I'm sure I will find those here. Will do more research on that as my toddler will be eating off those plates too. And Rex, those fish look amazing, I hope I will once get as good results as that. I'm guessing I can mix underglazes too to create new colours? Thank you so much! Jasmin
  2. Hi there, I would like to paint on plates and am wondering what kinds would work. I know of acrylics but would things like oil pastels or watercolour work too or could I add gold leaf? Happy for any advice, I'm a total beginner. Thank you
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