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  1. Thanks for the replies folks. As I look at weight, I am coming to the same conclusion. It would be neat, but likely not feasible. Guess it's going out behind the shed.
  2. Howdy folks, I am in the process of designing a small Minnesota flat-top style kiln like the one described in the document "21st Century Kilns" created by Mel Jacobson and Friends. I was curious if anybody had attempted doing something like this on a movable platform. Ideally, I'd like to build this such that I can roll it out into our driveway for firing and then put it away when done. I do have a spot in the back yard I could build it if necessary, but I'd prefer it be movable. Outside dimensions are going to be roughly 36" x 45" x 36" . Chimney will be brick to the top of the ki
  3. Hi folks, I have a small electric kiln that I have converted to gas. I am rebuilding the chimney and am curious what temperature rating bricks can be used for the upper layers of the chimney. I plan to have 2-3 courses of soft firebrick rated for 2350 degrees at the bottom connected to the flue opening, but I was wondering if I could use bricks rated at 2000 F for the rest of the chimney. That's the best I can find locally. Kevin
  4. I have a new Ward Systems MR750 with the Rambone pilot that I need to build a stand for. It will be used to fire my small electric -> gas conversion kiln. Anybody have any pictures of something they have done or seen so I can get some ideas? Kevin
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