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  1. Hi Neil, There is a third thermocouple just a little farther down. It's a pretty tall kiln. Makes it an interesting challenge for loading greenware. Thank you again for all your responses! I am very excited to get a higher firing underway!
  2. Hi Neil, I have attached a picture of the serial plate. This kiln was rebuilt years ago, that I know. The gap is mostly due to the metal frame around the side of the kiln lid. The bricks are in ok condition. It does say that my max temp is 2350, which means I could take it to cone 6. I do know that this kiln has never been fired that high, but the kiln was serviced in April of this year, and any elements needing to be replaced were. I have some cone 6 glazes ready to go, if you think the kiln can take it. Thanks again for the responses, to everyone, you have all been so helpful!!
  3. Hi Min, Thank you so very much for your help and feed back! I don't think I can get this kiln up to cone 6. In theory it has the capability, but the lid has a pretty large gap. I have included a few pictures. I was assuming I would be able to fire to Cone 6 when I took over the program, and my predecessor originally said the kiln could fire that high, but then eventually said that they had never fired the kiln that high. What do you think? Worried I would never really reach Cone 6, or that it would take several days.
  4. Hello, looking for a little help and guidance. Logistics first though, to help you get the full picture. The clay body I am firing is the 4D Stoneware from Sheffield Pottery, and also their #63B White Stoneware Clay. Both according to Sheffield Pottery have a firing range of cone 02-6. I have just taken over a program and am working with a very old electric kiln, with gaps around the lid, which I know is causing heat loss. My predecessor was firing the 4D stoneware clay body bisquing to 03 and glazing to 04. I purchased the Spectrum glazes to get by until I can finish testing my own batches o
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