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  1. Thanks for your help - will try stirring a bit more.
  2. This was actually pre-mixed slip from Standard. I had them send me a different lot because I thought they had one that had too much in it. I recently made a batch of porcelain slip but haven't fired it yet. I noticed some swirling on that as well. I may try syphoning off the top to see if that works was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts.
  3. Yes, they do show up after firing it is less obvious on the white but even more pronounced on the ones where I color the slip. Initially I thought it might have to do with mixing the stains but it happens on those that aren't mixed as well.
  4. Was wondering if anyone has had issues with Darvan swirls in slip making a marbleized mark on pieces. It is subtle but I do not use colored glazes on my pieces, so it still shows through.
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