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  1. Do i new to let the bisque cool completely before firing again? I just got here and its still pretty hot, some warm.
  2. Thank you! I guess for some reason I was scared they'd melt if I repeated the whole thing. lol I really appreciate it!
  3. Thank you both for so much for such a fast response! Sooo, because I'm re-firing, and already went through it all, for this specific fire should I just do low for 1 hour, med for 1 and high until it shuts off.. etc, etc. Also my kiln is giving off terrible fumes during my medium fire, I had to crack a window but only have bottom ventilation? Is that normal? Again thank you for helping this newbie out!
  4. Hi everyone, ive been reading on this bulletin and think I know what to do now, but need some extra advice. I'm a new middle school art teacher, and not as versed in ceramics as I should be. BUT I love it and know enough, however the kiln I'm using seems off? I used a sitter bar and cone for my 04 bisque (earthenware, white). I was adviced by the previous teacher to run it on high for only 4 hours, and to set the timer to 8 hours. (Low for 2, Medium for 2 and high for 4.) Well the cone never bent, and the sitter never shut it off, and so i kinda panicked because it's our first project
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