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  1. Thanks @neilestrick got a new bag of clay and just ordered new glaze too. Will look at putting some cones in too.
  2. @neilestrick no, it’s fresh out the bag. Do you think the possibility of chunkier pieces could be a contributing factor?
  3. Thanks @Hulk I’ll have a look at that with a cuppa! Just a new glaze pot... same bag of clay. Ive just re-glazed and fired the originals as the glaze was so watery so we’ll see. But I’m definitely going to be reading up now on glaze recipes. Thanks!
  4. Thank you everyone. As I’ve had the same practice for nearly two years I’m wondering if it’s possible that this particular tub of glaze may be the problem? I opened it to look at last evening and it’s more watery than I’m used to. It may be time to have a go at making my own.
  5. @Min I meant shivering. Thank you! I did wonder if I was maybe under firing. I’m going to try a slightly longer fire on the glaze. Do you think it would benefit from a longer bisque too?
  6. Hello all, wondering if you can help with a new problem. I’ve used the same earthenware body and brush on botz glaze for over a year no probs. I have an old sitter kiln and bisque to 03 then glaze at 05 this has worked till now... suddenly my pieces are crazing about a week or two after firing (not immediately). It’s shuddering for some reason. I am making slightly chunkier pieces, could this be why? Any ideas why this is now happening would be great!
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