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  1. Thanks Min, I’ve made several at 6mm since I have some other things to fire as well so fingers crossed! To be honest I don’t have a clue about glazing but raw clay appeals, perhaps with something that seals it ? So grateful for all the advice from you people.
  2. Neil, thank you! Just to be clear, how precise a thickness does the slab need to be throughout its length and width, I’m rolling it now but despite using guide rails I am getting some slight dips here and there. Thanks again ..Simon
  3. Thanks a lot Fred..Should the batt wash dry before the 2nd firing and what stops the ¼ inch panel warping? Apologies for taking time with such novice questions!
  4. Many thanks. That’s so helpful! What thickness should I make the waster slab? Simon
  5. Hello everyone, I’m a working sculptor with 40 year’s experience using clay but am entirely new to firing. Could anyone advise me about the best programme for firing in an electric kiln for this sculpture? The construction is made from 1” (25mm) square solid pieces and the clay is Scarva Earthstone ES20 smooth textured and is stoneware. Fires bisque 1000 degrees c and stoneware at 1280 degrees c. My concern is that because of the open nature of the construction, it may warp and crack if the speed is wrong. It is approx 40cm long and 15cm wide. It should be completely dry by
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