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  1. Thx. I find the soft soap doesnt get a good film on the acrylic. Ill get some green soap and try diferent ways. Maybe a mix of green and soft.
  2. Thx Mark Is it 1 application or is it like soft soap where u apply once, wipe off, then repeat?
  3. Thx. The problem is for where the lettering is. If i use something like vaseline it will just fill up spaces of letters. I guess i could do a 2 prong method of vas on sides and soft soap on the top.
  4. Thx. Doesnt seem like i can get it in Australia, unless its called something different
  5. Hi. Im trying to work out the best way to release plasster from intricate acrylic pieces. There is fine text and i need to make 10 moulds of a board with 50 pieces on it. I currently use soft soap with mixed results. I was letting plaster harden for over 24 hrs but read on here i should release just after its gone through the heat process and cooled. Any advice would be appreciated.
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