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  1. Thank you! She’s willing to sell for 380. I definitely don’t want a beginner anything, I just have basically no knowledge of what to start with. I don’t think I need to buy the most expensive thing out there, but I’m willing to pay for quality. Do you have a specific recommendation?
  2. Hello! I technically will consider myself a beginner, but I am looking to buy a used pottery wheel. I have used a pottery wheel roughly 25 years ago, and I’m sure many advancements have been made. I found one for sale locally, and below is the only info the lady is giving me. I’d like to know if this would be a good purchase. Thanks in advance!! edit: I definitely prefer one that not a tabletop. Not a brand on it anywhere. It looks like a Brent. It is solid, no problems. I just don't use it. I bought it in a buy out from a lady who was retiring in pottery. I am selling the pieces that were in the buy out that I will not be keeping to use. I have a gram scale and lots of chemicals as well.
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