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  1. Thank you - That’s really helpful. I’ve seen that you can purchase new shims online with the canvas attached so I might do that. Just want to make sure I get the right thickness for the slabs I want to roll!
  2. I recently bought a second hand Brent SR-14 slab roller. It came without any shims. This might be a silly question, but I haven't used a slab roller requiring shims before... I usually roll my slabs to 1/4" thickness. Would I need to purchase the 1/4" shim or the 1/8" shim to get a slab thickness of 1/4"? Thanks in advance for any knowledge!
  3. So glad I posted on here. This is by far the most useful information I've had. Thanks so much!
  4. Hey, I'm relocating from London to Vancouver. I'm currently a member at Turning Earth ceramics studio in London which has been fantastic- open access, technicians on hand and glazes provided etc. I've been searching high and low for something similar in Vancouver but so far had no luck. Would anybody have any advice on membership to a studio in Vancouver where I can make ceramics? Or would anybody be interested in renting a space with me and starting a ceramics studio? Thanks! Helena
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