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  1. Sorry, replied in the wrong place, yes I'm in the uk. But now wondering if my kiln is too big the the power needed in my house, I'll only know by alling out an electrition.
  2. Thank you Neil, it's ok, I need to know this, it's far more serious than I realised. I really don't understand as the electrition was here only yesterday, changed the fuse, knew what the amp for the kiln was and said, it's fine. But you are saying it's not safe. I'm now wondering if I have enough power to accomodate this kiln, I need to get a new electrition out to give me more information.
  3. Hi, replying to both posts, it's a Paragon The Morgan kiln or TNF 273. The wiring diagram is https://www.paragonweb.com/files/wiringdiagrams/W2561111.PDF The USA info says Amps 48, voltage 240, watts 11500. The fuse in our house for the kiln says B40, we had it wired in properly with a new cable, the electrition came out and said he wasn't happy to go higher. It's late here so I won't be able to respond till tomorrow. thanks
  4. Hello, and thank you for all this information. I have now found the wiring diagram on-line, it wasn't in the manual. The supplier of my elements didn't have any in stock, but said I could get them made up elswhere. He gave me the resistances of 14.5 top, 16 & 16 middle and 14.5 bottom. But it is parallel wired. So I've ordered those and I think that was wrong, they should have been 14.5, 32, 32, 14.5? This is the wiring diagram pattern.
  5. Thanks ever so much for replying. When you say parallel what do you mean, as the grooves they go in are parallel, then theres the bit where they go in a 45 degree angle up onto the next level groove, if you see what I mean?
  6. today I started a cone 8 firing, it got to 975 degrees c and again the fuse tripped, I tried again, but it repeatedly tripped. So it's stopped firing, as it was cooling down I read the resistance, and the middle two elements now read at 8.5 each, but they were 16 each when I fitted them two days ago. Does anyone know what this is about please? Thanks in advance.
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