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  1. That makes sense re: liner glaze. The other thing I'm thinking about though is the mildew. Do you think the mildew is a direct result of the high porosity of that clay body, or was that due to having probably not fired it to true cone 6? Or perhaps something else entirely? Only time will tell if the mildew comes back.
  2. I was trying to find that info - thank you! 8.9% is crazy - sounds like it's probably intended for sculptural work, yeah?
  3. This is my thought exactly. As an update, the mug with vanilla cream matte still weeps or leaks or whatever you want to call it. I left it filled with water overnight on a dry paper towel, and sure enough the towel had substantial amount of water on it this morning. My hypothesis is that even when fired up to a true cone 6, these pieces will probably mildew again if given enough time. My thought is that if water can simply pass through the body of the mug, it will retain that moisture and cause mildewing. With that in mind, I am definitely going to stop using this clay body and seek
  4. That's great advice, and thank you! I will definitely post back here with my results in the next few days.
  5. Thanks all - Since then I ran a bisque fire with witness cones to 04 and saw only a very slight bend in the cone, indicating my kiln is running a little cool. This is only my 14th firing on a brand new kiln, so I'm still learning how it works! I use a Skutt electric kiln with a kiln sitter. Based on advice I saw on another post, I refired a lot of these mildewed pieces to cone 6 again to burn out the mildew. Additionally, I soaked for 12 minutes, and my cone 6 cones were PERFECTLY bent The mold is gone and now I'm conducting more tests to see if water is still leaching through - I
  6. Hey All, I've made a ton of stuff with Georgies Cone 6 Trailmix (white) stoneware. I recently noticed dark coloring (mildew) on a lot of my pieces. Similarly, I've noticed the pieces I have glazed with Vanilla Cream Matte are leaching water. I let a cup of water sit overnight with a paper tower underneath, and sure enough, the paper towel is wet. I did a similar test with a glossy glaze, and that towel stayed dry. However, the bottom of that mug is still showing signs of discoloration. I attached a photo in which the top mug is unused from the kiln, and the rest are clearly discolor
  7. Hey all - I recently bought Laguna speckled buff cone 5 clay and have been really enjoying it! As I'm preparing to glaze, however, I realized my whole stock of glazes are cone 6. Curious to hear your perspectives on this - have you tried it? Any tips or tricks to help make sure I don't ruin all the lovely objects I've made?
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