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  1. 4 hours ago, Rae Reich said:

    But definitely build your clay form thickly and with inflexible exterior support for it. The plaster in such large quantities (even with center-void form in place) will be very heavy and will try to escape through any weak spot. Don't know how intricate the sculpture will be, but simple forms are best to start with. 

    How tall/wide will your piece be?


    The piece will be approximately 13" high, 15" long, and 9" thick.  

  2. Wow!  Thanks so much everyone for the advice, it all sounds great.  I am excited about the project.  

    For supporting the clay mold during the pouring process, i have been advised by a former ceramics professor to either build a box and put the mold in it with sand around, or wrap the mold in a stretchy cellophane to counteract that outward pressure.  


    Thanks again! 


  3. Hi all, 

    New here as a ceramic arts daily member, but i have been browsing this forum for great info for years! 

    I am currently trying to make an outdoor sculpture for a project I am working on in architecture school.  I am thinking about using Hydrocal® White Gypsum Cement to create my sculpture because of its durable qualities and hopefully  easy to finish nature (please feel free to advise me if I am right or wrong on these, I am new to working with the material).  

    The question I have involves casting the Hydrocal to create the sculpture.  I am thinking about creating a hollow clay coil mold for my sculpture, into which i would pour the hydrocal mix to allow for it to conform to the coil mold's interior shape and form.  I would pour-cast this sculpture as the clay mold (laguna bmix) would be in the leather-hard shape.  To limit the weight of the final sculpture, I would want to let the outer portion set up and be able to pour a significant amount out, so the final hydrocal sculpture itself is hollow too.  

    Does this sound like it would work?  I am worried that the hydrocal would stick to the clay mold, or that it would be too thick a consistency to pour out to make it hollow.  

    I hope that this makes sense to you all.  Please respond with whatever feedback you think that i need, with whatever information you could offer me.  I appreciate all the help! 


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