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  1. Rae, The piece will be approximately 13" high, 15" long, and 9" thick.
  2. Wow! Thanks so much everyone for the advice, it all sounds great. I am excited about the project. For supporting the clay mold during the pouring process, i have been advised by a former ceramics professor to either build a box and put the mold in it with sand around, or wrap the mold in a stretchy cellophane to counteract that outward pressure. Thanks again! Daniel
  3. Hi all, New here as a ceramic arts daily member, but i have been browsing this forum for great info for years! I am currently trying to make an outdoor sculpture for a project I am working on in architecture school. I am thinking about using Hydrocal® White Gypsum Cement to create my sculpture because of its durable qualities and hopefully easy to finish nature (please feel free to advise me if I am right or wrong on these, I am new to working with the material). The question I have involves casting the Hydrocal to create the sculpture. I am thinking about creating a holl
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