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  1. As I am limited in building big pots because of the kiln size, I am considering to use frost resistant concrete for the larger objects. Is there a concrete that will act like clay? The internet is full of articles regarding ShapeCrete but it is not shipped to Europe and it doesn't seem to be like clay. How is this made out of concrete? WIth an armature mesh?
  2. I am looking to build rectangular pots, the wheel is not helping me. I will use coils to build it but I need the flat, even base.
  3. When using coils, the bottom is not supposed to be made from a slab? How can I make a 100 cm x 70 cm even bottom other than from a slab? What do you mean by slab strips? Great idea, thanks!
  4. I want to build a large pot in 2 ways: 1. By joining large slabs. I cut the bottom and the walls from slabs and then I join the pieces. 2. Creating the bottom from a large slab and them using the coil method. In both ways I need to roll large slabs and I cannot find the right way. 10 kg of clay are very hard to roll evenly and are not enough for a 100 cm x 70 cm slab. Joining 2 large slabs seems impossible. How would I move them, push together and join? Starting with 10 kg of clay and rolling evenly will stress the clay a lot and the rolling pin is very long to cover
  5. For the moment I don’t have a slab roller and I need to roll 2 large clay slabs - 70 cm x 50 cm and 100 cm x 70 cm. My clay comes in 10 kg packages. Tried to roll a 70 cm x 50 cm clay slab from 10 kg and I had 2 issues: 1. Coudn’t did it evenly. 2. In the end I had a small area. How would an experienced potter do it without a slab roller machine? Is it doable?
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