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  1. The idea is to blow glass inside the bottle and not destroy the old bottle but let's say extend it. So in the end I would love to have a glass bottle with pieces of the clay stuck in it. It's more of a conceptual approach behind the idea. @oldlady the bottle is not an antique, you'll find them here in the Netherlands everywhere. So the hot glass should resolut in the thermal shock. Do you think this is anyhow possible? Thanks so much!
  2. Hello Community! :-) I am pretty new to ceramics and I am learning new things about this fantastic material on a daily basis. For my latest project I am trying to crack/break up old clay bottles with the principle of the heat shock. Does anyone have an idea what would happen, when I rapidly heat up a bottle (like the one in the picture) to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit ? My wish would be to let the bottle explode and to create many fragments. Is the wall of the bottle maybe too thick (approx. 4mm) to really burst into pieces? Will nothing happen or maybe just one big crack? Or does anyone have an idea how to make the shock/explosion bigger ? Thank you so much for your help!
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