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  1. I have a lot of experience with pug mills. I have a BAILEY MXP-70T. It sat for 5 years bagged up from the last teacher who never used it. It is a dual auger. I come on board and It worked for a while then the motor kept getting locked up and something broke in the motor area. Amazing mixes, but took forever, small hopper, and had to be hooked up outside my classroom to a single phase, 240v plug outdoors. Now out of warranty. I may sell it to someone who wants to embark on a Pandora's Box to repair it. I just bought a SHIMPO NVS-07. I bought it for the HUGE hopper door (10" x 13"), all-in-one design, and Shimpo's reputation and support. But I am beyond frustrated and returning it. It had major problems for me. I have spent over 25 hours with this machine. Unless the batch is absolutely perfect, it comes out with holes in the logs... or won't it won't pug And, it won't stop making holes unless you pug at speed 5 or less out of 10. So it takes forever! Even NEW CLAY out of the bag put in came out with holes (company says holes means it's too wet... that is ridiculous) Batch was PERFECT! See Tan clay photos It only pugs out about 28 useable out of 45 pounds mixed Water-added gets stuck right up into the lid so it doesn't get into the batch They made the Air intake IN the lid, so if clay gets stuck in the lid, the air intake is blocked ( not truly de-aired- I've had logs spinning as they come out) The latch for the door is really hard to open and close over and over again due to design It took 8 hours to pug up 4 boxes of clay due to having to re-do batches They want to charge me $500 restocking fee even though it doesn't perform they way it is advertised. I'm fighting this. That's wrong. I though about getting a PETER PUGGER 20. Now, I'm gun-shy. I can't find a single place in Los Angeles to try one out. My School District is leery now that I want to return the Shimpo. I like that PP can plug in to a normal wall plug like the Shampoo. It can be in my classroom. PETER PUGGER Questions: Has anyone gotten HOLES in the center of their clay logs from a PP? Do PPs also have to pug super slow? My Baily was fast. Does a lot clay get all stuck in the lid? Does it have to be cleared all the time? Does water tend to get shoved up into the lid area clay, not allowing it to affect the batch? Is the issue with sucking back-in the clay for the De-Airing to reach both chambers at least a "reliable" and a repeatable task for success? Can you mix batches a little wet or a little dry to suit your needs, without major issues (not pugging, holes, bubbles, etc.) Are single augers, though stronger and won't break down like dual augers, doomed to have these issues? I can't spend more than $5,000 See Photos. Photos of Shampoo NVS 07 holes in batches. New clay (tan) is straight out of the bag and old clay (grey) is mixed reclaim. The grey clay has a lot of sand so it tends to have that look in the photos. Jason
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