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  1. In response to Bill the people who made the kiln and sold it to me wont help at all. A DT teacher friend changed box that lights up and shows the temp and then the heating element. But due to lock down I can’t get it back to him. It worked fine after the heating element was replaced once. I heard a slight ‘pop’ sound but nothing seemed wrong and it hasn’t worked since.
  2. The temp gauge sits on 21 degrees Celsius and doesn’t move. The green OUT1 light is lit. If I touch the controls it blinks between the green OUT1 and then changes to red and ALM1 and it shows funny non numbers then might change to a higher number, but rapidly counts down back to 21.
  3. Ah this worked. Door open on the left and closed on the right
  4. It won’t let me upload photos or videos but the switch does seem to be pressing in when the door is closed?
  5. Thank you Bill. We ended up changing the heating elements as that’s what a DT teacher friend of mine suggested and it worked perfectly once then not again and back to the same issues. I can’t get anyone to suggest anything or help since then. Lock down means I can’t take it anywhere for advice.
  6. Hi I have an R-14 universal electrical muffle kiln and it has simply stopped working. I’ve got the user manual pdf but there’s no mention of any possible faults. I’ve checked the fuse and that’s fine and the plug socket it’s plugged in to works fine. Nothing seems burnt or damaged. But it won’t turn on. Any ideas? Thank you so much in advance if you are able to help.
  7. Thank you so much everyone. I have sort of got the hang of it now and use a bigger kiln for larger pieces.
  8. Hello I bought a mini kiln last year and all was working wonderfully for a few months. Then one day everything I tried to fire in it simply exploded in to dust! it was under warranty so I was sent a replacement and the same happened. In the end they sent me an upgraded kiln. It fires up to 1000 degrees c and takes just 50 minutes to reach this heat. I use earthenware clay and when using my work kiln which is a full sized kiln and takes 24 hours to reach 1000 and come back down again, nothing explodes. But today I’ve done my first fire in this new kiln and it’s all shattered in to dust. It’s soul destroying as it takes time to make the ceramic work only to have it all destroyed. Can anyone help me work out what the problem is and find a way to use my mini kiln safely and be able to actually get some work completed? Thank you so much
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