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  1. Thank you everyone for your insights and suggestions. I purchased my 2 clay bodies and I will begin testing and exploring I also purchased a few mason stains to play around with. I am so excited to get started! I will do my best to post some photos on this process as it unfolds
  2. I am looking to use 2 different clay bodies in my work. I am not marbalizing. I would like to create a slab base with the brown clay and attach details and forms made out of the white clay using a slip that would be made from a mixture of the 2 clay bodies. I am also hoping to wedge the 2 clay bodies together and sculpt forms as well. Obviously I would test these things out but I was wondering if someone more educated on clay bodies could tell me if both clay bodies have a shrinkage rate of 13% at cone 6, do you think this sounds like it might work? What troubles might I encounter if I do decide to try this?
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