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  1. Awesome, Min, Mark and Neil! I knew those photos would be helpful. Thanks for your guidance. I have not run a kiln for years, and have never set one up, so I obviously need all the help I can get!
  2. Ack, so much for getting this thing tested before my return window runs out. *grin* Mark, I have some cinderblocks I can prop it on. I would not fire it up on cement either. Good reminder! I was hoping I could at least plug it in and test out the panel, but neilestrick is talking about a center tap transformer and I have no idea about that. Ack. And a thermocouple. We run our plasma torch off the 220 in the shop and the lift for the cars, but that's all I know about the electrics. The unit came with a standard plug running from the unit, and an additional cable which matches the plug in our 220 transformer, but may not be what I really need? Here are photos of the unit just in case anyone has some other information I could use to figure out how to test this sucker. Thanks for the responses!
  3. I bought a used Paragon DTC 100C, but am not sure it works. Is there an easy and safe way to test it without buying a stand or other items I will not use if it does not work. We have 220 in my shop, cement floors, tons of space. I will upload photos when I am at my computer. They are too big to load from my phone. Thanks!
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