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  1. Hey! Would you be able to share the link of where you bought this?
  2. Thank you! I will be sure to pack them well and I like the idea of packing each style in their own box.
  3. I have both some medium and some large flat rate boxes from USPS. Do you think these are a good idea? It has also been suggested to go to Fedex or UPS because of the weight.
  4. Hi there! So I've shipped lots of mugs and smaller items so far, and hand-delivered dinnerware sets, but I've never shipped a dinnerware set. Need some help figuring out what pieces and how many of them will fit in what size box, and the best way to ship it (within USA). I have 6 11in dinnerware plates, 6 7in salad plates, and 6 30oz (2 pint) beer steins. It's kind of a funny mix of pieces to be mailing, so I need to figure out if flat rate USPS boxes are best or a different kind of Priority Mail box. What do you think? Suggestions for how to pack these items and what sizes of boxes to use? Thanks in advance!
  5. The wax we have here at the gallery were I work is from Davens in ATL and it's red colored, and just has a sticker with handwritten "wax resist". not very helpful lol
  6. Thank you! I appreciate your advice and time. I will plan out better next time around! Just getting starting and still learning tons.
  7. Thank you! I will have to check which kind of wax it is that we have at the gallery where I am employed. It is fairly rough with the speckles coming through, hence the name "speckled brownstone"
  8. Thank you, I appreciate it. I am self-taught and still very much in the learning phase with these logo mugs!
  9. @Pres Thanks! So you go over the iron oxide in the depressed areas with the glaze and don't wipe any glaze off?
  10. Thank you! I appreciate it. Would you suggest just doing iron oxide in the lettering then wiping it off the top of the logo plaque, then doing wax resist to keep the bare clay look? That would prevent problems with clear/BIO reaction and provide coverage from the dipping glaze on the rest of the mug.
  11. @Benzine Thank you for your quick response! The logo plaque is stamped in, so it has negative letters/shapes. So basically "etched". I was hoping that the iron oxide would go into those grooves and help them stand out amidst the glaze of the mug and the clear glaze on the rest of the logo that doesn't have words/shapes etched in. I had planned to do a wax resist over the iron oxide (in letters) and clear (rest of logo). Will that work? Can you do wax resist over glaze? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I am trying to glaze some logo mugs (mugs with logo plaques/medallions that have company logos/words on them) and want to get some advice on the best way to make the words/shapes on the plaques show up. I am wondering if I should use a combination of iron oxide and a clear glaze to accent the words/shapes in black iron oxide and the clear glaze on the rest of the medallion/plaque? The rest of the mug will be dipped in another glaze. I am using speckled brownstone clay, cone 6 glaze firing, and glazes made in-house. Thank you for your advice!
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