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  1. I used the recipe listed by Dave K. (advanced member), then added G-200 that hitchmiss (advanced member) suggested. After scraping I sponged off excess dust, etc. - not a lot of water. I mixed up the ingredients and brushed two coats on the cleaned shelves. They sat out in the sun for half day, then dried in the studio another day. I then used them in a cone 6 glaze firing. So now that the shelves are all crazed and peeling I guess I'll have to scrap them again. Neil - What is the recipe you use?
  2. After scraping and sanding my kiln shelves, which was a 4 hour aerobic excercise, I tried the kiln wash recipe 50% Aluminum hydrate, 25% EPK, 25% Glomax, then added 1.5% G-200. Applied the wash in a milk like consistency. While the wash was drying I noticed cracking. I smoothed it over and it lay flat. After the firing, the wash crazed but not peeling. So disappointed!!!! What to do next! Attached picture.
  3. Also, is it better to apply the clear glaze first, then the engobe design, or design then clear? Just wondering about smearing of the design ... Thanks
  4. Is the consistency of the engobe like slip or more like a glaze?
  5. Thank you for mentioning the drying. I will be careful. Liz
  6. Would you post the link to this chat group? Thanks, Liz
  7. I'd like to decorate the base underside of large bowls by using colorful a engobe design. Could I put a clear glaze over the engobe decoration so the surface is smooth? Thanks, Liz
  8. Is there be a difference in results between using 80 or 100 mesh? I have both and mostly use 100. Liz
  9. Thank you, Neil, for the information. I will try your suggestions... Liz
  10. Thank you. Yes, this is a Coleman clay. I watched the video. Never tried to put a handle on as shown, but I will. Let you know what happens. I hope the information about drying without plastic works ... Liz
  11. This porcelain is great to throw. However, I 've been having a problem with the drying properties. Attaching handles tends to be problematic. I keep the pots under plastic until leather hard stage without signs of drying too much before the handles are attached. Once the handle is attached to the piece, it's placed under plastic again. Each day I check the pots to be sure the handles stay connected. Inevitably the handles begin to pull away from the pots. 3 or 4 out of 12 mugs or pitchers will begin to really disconnect. So frustrating. I've tried vinegar and water, paper clay
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