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  1. I have a discontinued 30 amp, 240v Paragon kiln and two of the prongs are broken off. It uses a 6-50 plug. I need to replace it, but was wondering if I could use a different plug. I want to get an Orton Autofire 300 controller, but can't find one that fits my kiln with the 6-50 plug. Any help would be great!
  2. Thank yall so much, this has been a great help.
  3. I would like to make mid-fire stoneware and was wondering if the Laguna WC-436 B-mix with grog would be a good clay to use. Also what cone size should I use for firing greenware and glaze firing?
  4. I was given an older paragon kiln with a set n fire. Its model lt-3k and I have no idea how to use it yet. I want to fire cone 6 stoneware and already have some greenware ready to fire and plenty of furniture. Any advice would be great!
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