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  1. Thanks dhPotter, will try to find that article. ETA that I found the article and was able to read it as one of my 3 free articles with new membership. This forum is an amazing resource and such helpful friendly artists in here! Again THANKS!
  2. Thank you Callie...now I have something else to learn about... thermal shock! LOL Seriously, I appreciate your reply. I will be making this soup bowl for my own use and I guess you are right, just make one of each and see which works better. Clay is cheap! I joined a pottery club that is 45 mins from my home but I can get all my kiln firings done for $2/lb. Have bags of clay given to me to practice on so off I go to the creative corner!
  3. I'm looking to make a soup bowl with a splatter lid. At first I thought I would just make a perforated lid like a steeping lid on a mug. Then I saw this https://youtu.be/JalhG8xikc0 online. Would like to try making this too. Is there a particular glaze that is non-stick? Silly question I know but that's what newbies do... ask lotsa dumb questions. LOL https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/53339576811059987/ The website from the manufacturer says you should be careful not to scratch the non-stick surface. For the splatter lid on my soup bowl, do you think it best to have many holes or just one to let the steam out so the lid doesn't blow off.
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