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  1. Thank you Im going to use underglazes as im used to that and find is an easy way and as of productivity im aiming for quality so i may create or find patterns that i can draw fast or that are simple for me to do and im putting some hope in the coasters as they are easy to make and easy to draw on and i got a lot of ideas on marketing and decorating them and going with small pieces is what im going to do
  2. bowls and mugs are a very good sellers here and also tajin and im going a different way then the common stuff that is produced in my area as Islamic patterns and generally colored ceramics is not very common as it generally (brown with transparent glaze ) so products that use ballclay and bone china are rare in workshops in the area so if i go with any thing that is colored on white it would be very different as they considered artistic pieces by the general standers here and maybe next year i get a bit more confidence and market my products aboard and Bowls and tiles are really great for there form and market needs Thank you
  3. Yea it is mostly about marketing but also about having fun with doing those thing and also having the ability to experiment with colors and methods of decorating and also brushwork on small pieces and also i can use the coasters as a test tiles for testing color blends and so on And the ceramic village "قرية الفخارين" is really really great place to observe and work with people who were born into the field and families that has been working for generations in pottery and the people there are really helpful and friendly <3 Thank you
  4. Hello Guys, Im a student in the applied arts faculty university Helwan, Egypt i just finished 2nd year of my specialization ceramics i have worked in the past 2 years in small workshops specialized in creating tableware by the means of slip casting and wheel throwing, and in 2-3 months time of my summer break i want to start doing something for my self that i can sell. i was planing to buy cheap premade and fired unglazed bowls and plates and also mold pressing coasters and decorating them with Islamic patterns and i was wondering if this would be a good idea or if you guys have any advice or starter tips for me and on the forms and methods of decorating ,market needs and so on. i have access to a nearby ceramic village with a lot of workshop selling terracotta which is very common and red traditional Egyptian pottery and no so many colored and decorated pottery i have alot of friends there and access to electric kilns that i can use for a cheap price and also access to materiel suppler. so i would gladly hear you advises and Thank you very much .
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