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  1. True, I see now on their website their controllers are exported worldwide.But aparently electric reduction ovens are common in Japan. If this is one...
  2. Hi Fred, yes there are letters RKC which did not mean much to me at first. But someone googled it and it turned out to be a Japanese manufacturer of temp controllers! I have just send them an e-mail. So maybe they will have more info for me. Thanks Fluter
  3. Thanks Pres, we just found a label inside the controller saying made in Japan. Someone suggested it might be a reduction firing kiln. Now I am exploring all these option.
  4. Hi Arnold, yes it does look like it was never used. I am in South Africa, but have no idea where the kiln might have come from. An acquaintance bought industrial printing equipment at an auction and for some reason the kiln was part of the sale lot. I am in a remote part of the country with no kiln repairs services around, so any advice will be appreciated.
  5. Hi, I hope someone can give me advise. I was given an old kiln. But all the wires were cut off at the back of the kiln and from inside the controller. The plaque with the make and model is also missing. My dad is an electrician and used to service my mom's kiln years ago, but need a wiring diagram to see how the wires should be connected. Any ideas ?
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