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  1. Hi Anna, it looks like you do have some sort of temperature measure ( photo). i have managed two glaze firings so far with a new heavy duty extension cable but still only on a normal socket. I put it on low for 2 hrs with the peep hole open, then med for 2 hrs with peep hole open and then to high till it glows yellow orange and I can see the glaze looking shiny with the peep hole closed. I never seem to have reached the temperature I put on the dial though as the both lights stay on. One of them is supposed to switch off when it has reached it. Really would prefer your kinda separate setup - need to find an electrician first though. Thanks Sputty, your the fireing chart, it has helped to gage the temperature. I use Maycos stroke and coat glazes just now.
  2. A wee update: i just tried it again with the following set up within the kiln. It reached a kinda orange glow ( seen through the peep hole) after about 40 min. Sadly it switched off again by the time I checked about 15 min later. I suspect it’s the extension cord I have been using ( as the kiln is outside ) - the kiln plug was very warm and the extension cord had tripped. Will find a heavy duty cord first before moving the very heavy kiln nearer a socket.
  3. Thanks for all your replies - I’m going to give it another try over the weekend and update you all on my progress,
  4. Lol, yeah I saw the science museum one! I did fire it and it did heat up, even got it to orange glow, all elements were on! The problem is it just shut off after a couple of hours which meant the glaze wasn’t really affected apart from the white turning gray ( see previous photo). The thermocouple is intact but had like a ceramic tube over it which I took out as it’s base is broken a bit.
  5. Thanks Sputty, that’s great! Here is a photo of the instructions ( I don’t have but are sold with the actual thingy on eBay just now) . Still trying to figure out how to make the photos small enough to be able to upload them.
  6. Hi, I’m new to this, total novice! I’ve been given a kiln I can’t find instructions to. i tried to fire it up to try it out and it just turned off. here are some pics: Thanks in advance
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