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  1. Thank you. I might pass on the Skutt because it's so big... I believe it has 3 zone control, not sure about the brick size. I would prefer no more than 7 cubic feet. Ive been doing more research and now I'm feeling insecure about using a manual kiln sitter since I've always used digital skutts in the studios I've worked in. There's another used kiln for sale, an L&L that looks like it's in great condition, but the owner hasn't told me how much she's selling it for yet, just that it's worth $3150, its a JD230. She hasn't said how old it is, but the pictures show it's in good condition. I kn
  2. Thanks so much, that helps a lot! I'll see if the seller is flexible on price. I'm also considering an older Skutt, it's about 20 yrs old but it looks like its in good condition. I'm waiting for additional pictures to see the condition of the bricks and elements. It's a 1227-3 though which would be a great long term kiln and they have it listed for $500 which seems reasonable to me. Looking at used kilns is a bit stressful but I just can't afford a new one unfortunately.
  3. Hello, I'm working on getting a kiln, and I'm considering getting a used Duncan automatic teacher plus. They are asking for $850 for it and say they only fired it a couple times. I haven't been able to find anything about this kiln, or a new one listed for sale on any of the websites I've previously looked at like clay king, kiln frog, etc. I don't feel very comfortable buying a kiln I can't find any info about. Does anyone have experience with this particular kiln? Is the price reasonable? I can't even figure out what size it is!
  4. Thanks so much for you help. I wasn't sure what the differences were. I'll go with the MAS over the freedom package.
  5. I'm trying to decide between getting an MAS2323HE Olympic kiln for my home studio or one of their freedom 2323HE packages. From what I can tell the main difference is that the Mas has a control panel that means the kiln can't be taken apart in pieces like the other kiln can. Is that an important feature? I want to make the right choice considering this is an investment for many years to come!
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