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  1. Thank you, Yes the glaze was pinholing on some pieces while on others it was matt. The original bisque fire was at cone 08. Yesterday, I re-fired a few of my pieces (ones I was less concerned about if thermal shock were to occur) and fired them on slow up to cone 03. Currently waiting for the kiln to cool down, but hopefully this firing will fix any problems. Thank you again for your advice.
  2. Hello, Recently I did a cone 03 glaze fire (fast firing) for earthenware pieces and during the firing at 1833 degrees F, the kiln received an error code for e-1. The firing was intended to reach 1987F but was not able to reach this temp due to the error. The effects were pinholing and glaze which had not matured, due to being underfired. I would like to re fire these pieces again, but am uncertain as to what temp will help the glaze mature. Earthenware, I was told by my instructor will crack if put through a second firing at the same temp (cone 03). Does anyone have an idea as to what t
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