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  1. Thank you Yappystudent! I will definitely look into this , very interesting!! BestWishes Veronica
  2. Thank you Denise I will definitely use a fan to speed up the drying, and inside too. Yes , that will be possibly the way I will present it as the ceramic workshop is very busy. Another possiblility is firing it in pieces and assemble it once fired .
  3. Dear Magnolia Mud Research, Thank You so much for all these details, I am taking notes for tomorrow, I am starting to build it with all this feedback bearing in mind, I will place it in a wood board on castors so I don't need to "Scotty beam it" much. I am coming to realize that as you noticed this is an ambitious project, it is my final year piece, I'm glad to read that it is doable though! I will try my very best, thanks one more time for your invaluable experienced advice and time! Best Wishes Veronica
  4. thank you so much Tyler , I will have a look at how to build an armature .
  5. Dear Magnolia Mud Research, Thank you very much for this useful feedback, it is a one-off item and I am not very sure how will weight when dry, yet walls are being calculated to be 2.5-3 cm thick to make it quite sturdy . I built jigs and boxy-templates in parts to hold the shape of the fountain while wet, yet it is probing challenging and getting wobbly after 40 cm height , as I dont leave it dry completely cling filming it. What would be the best approach to this? At the moment I am having a Sunday break from clay and I escalated this model on cardboard and on its way I modified some measurements, for example the basin will be approximately a 20% smaller so not too heavy on that "arm" so it doesn't hold as this is my main fear. The stand will be straighter as it is better for wheelchair accessibility. The measurements have to make them accessible for children, hence the 90 cm height and to be installed in a community garden. I don't intend to glaze it, I would prefer a slip on the same color, terracotta, as I like its natural appearance. The fountain doesn't need to be watertight, so probably fired at a lower temp and it will be connected to a mains through a copper pipe and spout continuing 15 cm the clay spout added on the top surface after the firing( I will create a cavity on the clay that will allow the pipe to sit in it, aware of the 12% shrinkage and all). The fountain will have to be dried naturally as we don't have any other way at college, it would be ideal to accelerate this process if possible as my deadline is approaching (31st may), but how?. I am available to work 5-6 days a week til the deadline. Any thoughts? Best Wishes Veronica
  6. Dear ceramic arts daily community, I am a design student and I am trying to scale up a model I made of a terracotta clay drinking fountain I designed, my knowledge of clay is proving limited as at the moment as I am finding difficult to make this fountain in a real size (90 cm height) I will coil for the stand , I made a press mold for the basin yet not sure whats best to approach the curvy joints. please find a picture of the small model I made. any suggestions for building? how can I translate this design to a bigger scale? any thoughts? Best Wishes Veronica
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