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  1. 1 year ago I bought an old paragon kiln that they no longer manufacture. I've been using it ever since but have had issues with my glazes not melting all the way. When trying to fix this, I discovered that the mini cones in the kiln sitter do not bend 90° they only bend 45° or so. I believe hat this is the problem but I have no idea how to fix it. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Advice? Thanks -Claire
  2. Hello, I have only been making my own glazes for a few months so I don't have all that much experience. What should I do to dispose of test glazes that did not work out? I know I cannot pour them down the drain or dump them in the grass as some have toxic chemicals in them. Any ideas?
  3. I do not have that book. I will search for the glaze though.
  4. For every glaze that I make with rutile (usually blue glazes) the surface turns matte and pinholes. I absolutely adore the variation in color that rutile gives but I hate the surface texture. Is there any way I can make a rutile blue glaze that is smooth and glossy? I fire at cone 6 electric in a small manual kiln. I use standard clays 112, 266, and WC401 Cone 5 B Mix. Thanks, -Claire
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