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  1. Yeah, I'm very confused by this whole situation. The cone was in the sitter- something must have tripped it, not sure. The cones were Orton... and I bought them only like 3-4 months ago. The only thing that maybe could have affected them was that they did get below freezing but all my other cones are in the same place and haven't had this issue before. Pres- thanks for that chart, very helpful.
  2. Babs- it was an 06 cone. Is it possible for cones to go bad? Cone didn't melt but was super fragile and with a little pressure, it just turns to powder. Any brand recommendations for a pyrometer?
  3. Thanks everyone for the input. So, I don't have a pyrometer... I did check the kiln every half hour- the pieces got to a glowing orange/red. The kiln shut off because the kiln sitter trigger had fallen so I just assumed the cone melted as normal. I checked using a gauge to make sure the kiln sitter was correct and it was... I think I will just re bisque to be safe and i'll get a pyrometer to double check.
  4. I ran my kiln yesterday with a 06 bisque load and it ran for the normal amount of time (7-8 hours) and today I saw that the cone did not melt but the kiln turned off (timer wasn't on)..... My main question is- is it safe to just go ahead and glaze and do my glaze fire to a cone 5? Since the kiln ran for that long, I assume it got close to my 06 firing...? Or is it best to just re-bisque it? Still figuring this all out. :/ Any input would be great. Thanks! Victoria
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