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  1. Rae, I should have explained more. I lace drape dolls and often drape the lace after the doll foundation has dried or almost dry. The Porcelain Magic acts much like the "porcelain glue" we used in the 70s which was a dry powder you added water to. Unfortunately, it is no longer available and I have no idea of its compound. In the cases of lace draping you are attaching very thin to fairly thick. I agree with the hatching to attach handles, etc. I am also trying to understand if she is using Cone 10 porcelain and Cone 06 glaze. Did she file the cup to Cone 10 and then apply the lower fire glaze or just fire the greenware to Cone 06... If she didn't fire to Cone 10 first then the porcelain never reach maturity and could certainly fall apart with little weight or pressure.
  2. I use Porcelain Magic from the Porcelain Place in Colorado to attach everything. Haven't had any problems with attachments even wet to dry greenware.
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